"50 Ways to Love LouAna"

Quick—name 50 ways to use coconut oil. Better yet, let our integrated campaign for LouAna Coconut Oil do the counting for you. During the early days of the coconut oil craze, we were tasked with converting butter users to coconut oil users. In realizing the depths of America's love affair with butter it became apparent that we’d need to provide many reasons believe. Cue the great Paul Simon. By converting his hit “50 Ways to Leave Your Lover” to “50 Ways to Leave Your Butter,” we now had our conceptual foundation along with 50 reasons to believe. 


“50 Ways to Love LouAna,” gave a positive spin to butter departure through print and banner ads that drove to LouAnaCoconutOil.com—the first website dedicated to all things coconut oil. In becoming the first hub for the category as a whole, LouAna became synonymous with coconut oil know-how with custom blogger content featuring everything from recipes and how-to videos to beauty fixes and all things in-between.


"50 Ways to Love LouAna"





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