Clos du Bois 

"Made in California. Fluent in French."

Clos du Bois wine embodies French sophistication and approachable California style. The marriage of these influences is encapsulated by the tagline, “Made in California. Fluent in French.” Featuring real women from the West Coast, the campaign expresses the effortless sophistication that Clos du Bois embodies as a brand.


The plan was digitally driven with progressive video units, promotional partnerships and a heavy emphasis on social media. The Facebook page, invited fans to find their wine with an app that recommends the best varietal match for each individual’s taste. 


"Find Your Wine" Facebook App


The "Find Your Wine" Facebook app was created to help users effortlessly find their ideal wine match. Step by step, users are able to identify the characteristics and tasting notes that most appeal to them. The app then recommends the best varietal match for each user's individual taste. The built-in sharing functionality allows fans to invite friends so they can find their own wine match.

Product Photography: The Clos Family


During the conception of "Made in California. Fluent in French," in became apparent that the brand's product photography needed to match the effortless elegance of the campaign itself. While working with award-winning photographer, Leigh Beisch, a collection of fresh & timeless photos were created for the campaign and brand.


Campaign Overview

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